Leo® Glass Wool Blanket

Formosa Tech’s Leo® Glass Wool is made in a process in which glass fiber is made from molten glass using a patented centrifugal method. It is further processed by addition of environmental friendly adhesive mainly imposed of thermosetting resin. Leo® Glass Wool is an elastic felt-like mass piled up with glass fibers only a few cm in thickness with possibility of applying
moisture-proof facing according to requirement.

Leo® Glass Wool products are made for large laying area. Besides the
character of thermal insulation, it also has the performances of shock absorption and acoustical insulation, especially for middle or low frequency sound, which can abate the noise and improve working and living conditions. This material can be freely cut into the shape required. It is mainly used in housing insulation, noise suppressing systems, transportation, refrigerators and household electric appliances for noise reduction.

Consistent and uniform density
Length10 m, 20 m or on demand33 ft, 66 ft or on demand
Width1200 mm47 inch
Thickness25 to 200 mm1 to 7.9 inch
Time to achieve nominal thickness24 hours
Density10 to 48 kg/m³0.6 to 3.0 lbs/cu. ft
Thermal Conductivity0.033 to 0.047 W/mK
Service Temperature120 to 400 °C250 to 750 °F
Water AbsorptionLess than 0.2%
Dimensional Stability, Linear ShrinkageLess than 0.1%